About Us

We are a kid-centered environmental nonprofit dedicated to serving Indian Rocks Beach and the surrounding area and making a positive impact on our environment.

Our mission is to provide kids of all ages the opportunity to learn about and impact their local environment through hands-on education, sustainability efforts, and community service, ultimately inspiring eco-responsibility and lifelong stewardship of the earth

Our Story

GreenTown Kids was founded by Allie DeVore and brought to life with the help of a small group of other moms and friends (Laura Whittle, Bonnie Poznan, Ann Hanna, Lauren Golub, and Jennifer Keller) striving to do more for their local beach town’s environment, while providing an opportunity for their kids to be involved in their community. With a focus on kids and the environment, the 6 women set out to create an organization that would offer fun hands-on learning about relevant environmental topics with a goal of inspiring kids to be passionate about helping the earth.

GreenTown Kids partners with local experts around our community to educate our members (kids of all ages and their parents) on specific environmental topics. Our members then plan and participate in community events and service projects, which create a positive impact on our local environment. We are constantly evolving and always on the lookout for important topics to cover, local experts to share their knowledge, community events to host and be a part of, and donors to help make it all happen. We’d love to hear your ideas!

GreenTown Kids is a 501(c)3 organization.